Are you frustrated by slow and error-prone analogue modems? Why not enhance your network connections with one of the NETspiderTM range of ISDN modems from Traverse Technologies?

With ISDN you can connect to the Internet or to your office computer at a true digital speed of 64 or 128 Kbit/s. Minimise your call costs by using 128K for data-intensive operations, such as large downloads, and then swap back (on-line) to 64K for low-volume operations such as email.

The NETspider-U internal 128K ISDN modem runs under an updated version of the standard Linux HiSax ISDN sub-system, now with US NI-1 support. Under Linux you can combine multiple NETspider-U modems to achieve even higher throughputs – up to 256 Kbit/s with 2 cards – a much cheaper alternative than an expensive router.The NETspider-U is FCC approved for connection to the US ISDN Network.

For pricing and ordering information, go to our Sales page, which includes a link to our US distributor (LinuxCentral). Installation instructions are supplied on CD with the product, but the very latest instructions can be found on our Linux Installation page.

Comprehensive, free support via email and telephone is provided by Traverse Technologies to help you through the installation gliches that often plague new users, and any other difficulties that may arise in the normal course of business.

Global Solutions

The NETspider-S (also known as the NETjet-S in some countries) is the EURO ISDN (ETSI) version compatible with ISDN standards in Europe, ASIA, Australia and New Zealand markets (subject to conformance approval in each market – contact us if you have an opportunity). The NETspider-S also runs with the Linux HiSax ISDN sub-system. So now the same Linux ISDN applications can be used around the world with the appropriate NETspider card.

Coming Soon

The NETspider-UX and UI active ISDN modems will connect via serial ports to any operating system that supports the standard AT command set – ideal for FreeBSD and virtually any other operating system. See our News page for further details.

Time to consider the NETspider modem series : a cost-effective high-speed ISDN solution for your web surfing, telecommuting or general networking needs.

About Traverse Technologies

Traverse Technologies is a specialist communications design house. Traverse design, manufacture, market and support products with an international focus. Traverse targets not just the consumer market, but also OEMs and system integrators, especially those who target multiple countries. Traverse staff involved with international standards committees enable the company to tackle advanced communications projects.