latest-news24 Oct 2000 : New Software available for Download

New drivers/utilities/dial scripts are now available for download. Refer to our Linux Installation pages for details.

31 Jul 2000 : US Distibutor Appointed

Traverse Technologies have appointed LinuxCentral to be their US distributor for the NETspider-U. Please go to our Sales page to link to the LinuxCentral site.

The NETspider-U

The NETspider-U was released by Traverse Technologies on 15 January 2000, for sale on Linux systems into the USA.
The NETspider-U in its first release supports the NI-1 switch protocol under the standard Linux ‘HiSax’ ISDN sub-system. The feature set is identical to the European standard NETspider-S (marketed as the NETjet in some countries) and includes drivers for Linux releases 2.0.3x and 2.2.x

Upcoming Releases

The NETspider-UX active (ie. processor on board) ISDN modem connects via a serial port to any operating system that supports the standard AT command set. It is supplied in an external case with 2 serial ports for independent 64K connections, ideal for small ISPs adding new ISDN connections, and similar ‘server’ setups.

The NETspider-UI active ISDN modem is essentially the same as the UX but is supplied as an internal card that plugs into a PCI slot (to draw power). It still connects to the processor via 2 serial ports, but internal cables are supplied for connection to serial ‘headers’ on the processor card. It is designed for individual users who would prefer an internal ISDN modem that connects to virtually any operating system available today, and greatly simplifies the installation process as it is not necessary to install special software drivers.

Note : the NETspider-UX and UI are not yet available for sale in the USA – email us via our Feedback page if you are interested in these products.

Linux Installation page updated

All the NETspider-U drivers can be downloaded from our web site.
Also new on our Linux pages are :

Linux drivers for both 2.0.3x and 2.2.x releases with US NI-1 support
Dialup and leased-line scripts (64 and 128 Kbit/s) for US NI-1